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You can depend on Southern Container Corporation for all of your produce packaging needs.

With nearly 70 years of experience manufacturing and distributing agricultural packaging, Southern Container Corporation, based in Wilson, North Carolina, is dedicated to providing reliable and personalized customer service. From our proprietary “buskets” to boxes, bags and everything in-between, we’re here to make sure your prized produce is packaged safely and quickly while staying fresh.

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Who We Are

Southern Container Corporation is a family-owned agriculture product packaging company in Wilson, North Carolina. We are dedicated to providing personalized high-quality customer service while manufacturing a wide range of products, including our very own invention: the locally-made “Busket” (a cross between a basket and a bucket, designed as a picking bucket or a display). Southern Container also carries baskets, clamshells, boxes and more to get your produce from farm to table. While we work with growers, packers and retailers across the country every single day, we also proudly claim to be the only remaining producer of tobacco hogsheads in the U.S., something we’ve been doing since 1960. Southern Container proudly keeps it local, boasting a highly-skilled staff, warehouse facility and our own fleet of delivery trucks to make sure your products are delivered quickly. You can depend on Southern Container to ensure your business thrives.

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Featured Products

Busket Assortment

Berry and Fruit Packaging

Macro Plastics

Macro Plastics

Thank You Bag Racks

Other Packaging

10" Waxed Poultry Box

Poultry and Fish Packaging

Greencoat Box Assortment

Produce Packaging

High-Back 5-Pound Tare Sheet

Tobacco Packaging

How We Work

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