Berry and Fruit Packaging

From berries to peaches, our baskets are sized to suit your produce needs. We have a wide array of smaller mesh baskets all the way up to a 6-quart basket which boasts a sturdy base and convenient handle for carrying.

  • Square Pint Mesh Basket

    Our square mesh basket is sized to hold a pint of berries. Case count: 1200.

  • 6-Quart Basket

    Our 6-quart basket is a favorite among peach growers! It is constructed with sturdy white plastic and features dual integrated handles to help carry and display your produce. Case count: 100. 1 case minimum.

  • 4-Quart Basket

    Our 4-quart basket features a durable plastic construction and includes a snap-in handle for convenient carrying. Case count: 180. 1 case minimum.

  • 3-Quart Basket

    Similar to our 4-quart basket, this 3-quart plastic container is white and features snap-in handles to help carry your load. Case count: 200. 1 case minimum.

  • 2-Quart Basket

    Our 2-quart basket is the perfect size to carry your valuable produce. It features plastic construction, complete with snap-in handles for convenient carrying. Case count: 352. 1 case minimum.

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