Berry and Fruit Packaging

Perfect for holding smaller quantities of berries and other fruits. Our wide variety of pulp cups are all entirely made out of recycled materials.

*New for 2024* Now offering Quart Plastic Tills.

  • Quart Pulp Cup

    Package produce like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries in our green, vented fiber pulp cup. Case count: 297.

  • Pint Pulp Cup

    A staple at the grocery store, this green pulp cup is perfectly pint-sized. Case count: 420.

  • ½ Pint Pulp Cup

    Perfect for the grocery store or farmer’s market, our ½-pint green vented fiber pulp cup can hold your freshest raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, and more! It’s a great solution for packaging smaller fruits and vegetables. Case count: 600. 1 case minimum.

  • Quart Plastic Till

    Looking for a more robust alternative to our pulp cups? Check out our Quart Plastic Till! This container interfaces with any tray that our Quart Pulp Cup is compatible with and also has a lid available (sold separately). Case Count: 1,000

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