Berry and Fruit Packaging

Carry as many berries as you can with our wide selection of various trays. They can fit our pulp cartons, clamshells and mesh cups so you can save yourself a few trips back and forth upon delivery.

  • IMG_0083

    8-1 Quart Master Tray

    Efficiently carry up to eight quart-sized pulp cups with our sturdy master tray. Each box is sturdy and made with corrugated material. Skid count: 280. No minimum.

  • IMG_0069

    6-1 Quart Master Tray

    Our 6-1 quart master tray can hold six quart-sized pulp cups. Box is labeled “fresh strawberries” and features pictures of delicious red berries. Skid count: 400. No minimum.

  • IMG_0081

    4-1 Quart Master Tray

    Fit up to four quart-sized pulp cups in our cardboard master tray. Skid count: 500. No minimum.

  • IMG_7529

    12-1 Pint Master Tray

    This versatile master tray can hold either pint-sized pulp cups or square mesh pint cups. The box is white and features pictures of strawberries and blueberries. Skid count: 250. No minimum.

  • IMG_3766

    12-1 Pint Quick Pop Tray

    Carry a dozen pint-sized clamshells in our quick pop tray. The box is white and features the words “fresh produce” in green lettering. Skid count: 600. No minimum.

  • IMG_7538

    12-1/2 Pint Master Tray

    This master tray is smartly-designed to fit a dozen ½-pint clamshells. Skid count: 600. No minimum.

  • IMG_7539

    8-1 Pound Consumer Pack

    Our consumer pack tray is designed to hold 8-pound clamshells or four 2-pound clamshells. The box is brown and features the word “strawberries” in red lettering. Skid count: 500. No minimum.

  • IMG_0085

    5 Pound Strawberry Box

    This strawberry box is large enough to fit five pounds of your ripest strawberries.

  • 12-1 Pint Master for Rectangle Cups

    12-1 Pint Master Tray for Rectangle Mesh Cups

    This master tray has the capacity to hold 12-pint rectangle mesh cups. Skid count: 500.

  • IMG_7517

    3" Picking Tray

    Our 3-inch corrugated picking tray is strong enough to hold your strawberries and it’s also great for greenhouse plants. Skid count: 1800.

  • IMG_7545

    Soaker Pads

    Absorb moisture with our soaker pads for clamshells. They’re sized at 3.25”x3.25”. Color: Rose. 5,000 pads per box.

  • IMG_7533

    4-Quart Fruit/Vegetable Tray

    Perfect for holding produce, our 4-quart corrugated tray features a metal handle for easy carrying. 250 per unit. No minimum.

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