Other Packaging

Here you’ll find all those other products that give your company the extra touch. From thank-you bags to specialized rolls and so much more, we supply the goods you need to make things more convenient for your customers.

  • Stapler & Staples

    Stapler and Staples

    Our heavy-duty stapler and staples are used for a 3” picking tray.

  • e39200aa-c8eb-4067-a131-a877ac879c3c

    Got To Be NC Labels

    Let ‘em know where your produce came from with our “Got to be NC” labels, promoting North Carolina’s agriculture initiative. Please call for pricing.

  • Label Examples

    Custom Labeling

    We offer custom labeling on many of our products. Give us a call for pricing and other options.

  • IMG_0032

    Thank You Bags

    Say “thanks” to your customers with these convenient white plastic thank you bags.

  • IMG_0033

    Thank You Bag Racks

    Purchase a plastic bag rack to hold your thank you bags. They’re perfect for bagging items at the grocery store and farmers market.

  • IMG_0045

    Produce Bag Roll

    Convenient, self-serve bags for produce and bulk foods at groceries and farmers’ markets.

  • IMG_0005

    Pre-Cut Strapping and Strapping

    We offer both “Pre-cut Strapping” and “½ inch black poly strapping.” Precut is ½” x 17’, ½ in and the black poly measures ½” x 7200’.
    *Pre-Cut Strapping Pictured

  • IMG_0127

    Resealable Zip-Close Bags

    Our zip-close bags are resealable and come in the following sizes: 4x6x2 mil / 5x8x2 mil / 6x9x2 mil / 9x12x2 mil / 8x10x2 mil

  • DSC_0726

    Stretch Film

    Protect your fruits and vegetables with our clear stretch film. It’s 8 gauge and measures 80 feet long per roll. 4 rolls per case. Sold by the case.

  • Stock Box

    Stock Boxes

  • DSC_0728


    Our seals are used with ½” black strapping.

  • IMG_8194

    Corner Board

    Corner board is sized at 2x2x77 and 2x2x89. Custom sizes and prints available. Call for info.

  • DSC_0724

    Corrugated Cardboard Pad

    Multiple sizes are available. Please call for custom size availability.

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