Poultry and Fish Packaging

Package and protect your poultry, meat and fish with our waxed-boxes, designed to withstand exposure to high-moisture conditions.

  • Poultry and Fish Packaging

    10" Waxed Poultry Box

    Protect your product from moisture with our 10-inch waxed box. They are 10 inches tall. 250 per unit.

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    6" Waxed Poultry Box

    Our 6-inch waxed poultry boxes prevent your chicken, fish and other meats from becoming soggy or damp. They are 6" tall. 500 per unit. No minimum.

  • IMG_7517

    3" Chicken Box Lid

    Top off your poultry box with a 3-inch high waxed lid. 500 per unit. No minimum.

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    Got To Be NC Labels

    Promote North Carolina’s agriculture with our “Got to be NC” labels so your customers know they’re buying “local.” Please call for pricing.

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