Produce Packaging

Carry your smaller produce items with Southern Container Corporation’s line of vented produce bags. They’re appealing at roadside stands, markets or retail stores and the vented feature allows air to reach your fruit and vegetables, keeping them fresh.

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    Vented Produce Bags

    Give your produce a breath of fresh air with our vented re-sealable produce bags. The bags are available in four different sizes. 250 per case. One case minimum.

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    Red Mesh Bag

    Our brightly-colored, ventilated red mesh bag is easy to close with a convenient drawstring and is available in several sizes to fit your needs. No minimum.

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    Green Mesh Bag

    Our green mesh bag also features a drawstring and measures 22 inches by 36 inches. No minimum.

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    Paper Produce Bags

    Sell your produce in style with our stylish paper produce bags, available in apple, peach and farm fresh prints. ¼  peck, ½  peck, and 1 peck available. Call for pricing.

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