Produce Packaging

Southern Container Corporation’s crates are a popular way to pack sweet corn. Our plastic and wooden options are excellent ways to transport your crop to the grocery store or display at your local farmer’s market. See our various options below.

  • IMG_0077

    Plastic Corn Crate

    Looking to package sweet corn? Our corn crate holds 4 dozen ears and is constructed using corrugated plastic, which is durable, lightweight and reusable. Range of 560-720, no minimum.

  • IMG_8169

    Wooden Corn Crate

    Need to carry a heavier load? Invest in our durable wooden corn crate, which is great for storage and traveling. The gaps between the slats allow for more air flow when holding corn. 180 per unit, no minimum.

  • WoodenCornAndBeanCrate

    Wooden Corn and Bean Crate

    This corn crate is 11x12” and is the perfect box for packing corn. The bean crate is offered as a flat and square and can hold the perfect amount of beans. No minimum order.

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